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Meet Zohar Steg

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Zohar Steg - Founder IPRA 123

Zohar Steg was born in Israel and is currently in the Netherlands.

He is happily married and enjoying his life with his three lovely daughters.

In 1998, upon graduation from Chinese medicine in Israel, Zohar began to practice his profession while making sure to expand his professional knowledge with the help of courses and professional training, and thus, he was exposed to other acupuncture methods that he applies at the clinic today.

In addition, he was privileged to train new generations of acupuncturists at the Open University of Tel Aviv and other professional frames.

In 2019, he attended a training in acupuncture technique, which completely changed his approach towards Chinese acupuncture. It was the FSN acupuncture technique, developed by Dr. Zhonguha Fu, which is based on stimulating the hypodermis layer.

As usual, he immediately applied this technique at his private clinic.

The impressive results were not late to arrive, and he was certain that he had found the way to help his patients.

However, to his surprise, in many cases, he faced objections to this treatment, both because of fear of the FSN needle and strong pains that occurred in some of the patients the next day.

The competence to carry an answer for patients suffering from pain, some of them chronic, and the exceptional effectiveness of the method made Zohar highly motivated to find solutions to the difficulties, which made his patients back away from treatment using this technique. 

Indeed, Mr. Zohar found a non-threatening needle that does not fall short of the effectiveness of the FSN needle. Moreover, he found a way to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness, even outside the clinic, by using Kinesio Tape.

As of today, he hasn’t come across any objection to using this technique among his patients, who experience this treatment similarly to an ordinary acupuncture experience. On the contrary, the IPRA123 method’s effectiveness and its results make more and more patients who suffer from pains, some of them chronic, that have followed them over the years look for a solution in his clinic.

In conclusion, it is important for him to say that for him, Chinese medicine has always been and will always be fascinating and effective, and when it comes to systematic problems involving the entire body, he still finds traditional acupuncture highly effective. Either way, when it comes to orthopedic problems, the IPRA123 method’s effectiveness and its fast and impressive results make it the preferable and correct method to use.

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