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The Method

IPRA123 (Immediate Pain Relief Acupuncture) is an innovative and highly efficient acupuncture technique for muscle and joints pain. Its origins are rooted in the ancient traditional Chinese medicine.

IPRA123 suits mostly for treating muscle and joints pain and can be collaborated with other acupuncture methods for treating additional problems.

Zohar Steg, a certified Chinese acupuncture therapist for 23 years, is the developer of this method.

The prominent advantages of this method are:

1. Immediate improvement in the level of pain within minutes *

2. Short-duration treatment of 3-6 sessions that leads to great improvement until full recovery * (in some cases maintenance treatments will be required).

3. Only one to three treatments are required to predict the treatment’s success. *

4. The patient experiences the treatment like an ordinary acupuncture treatment.

IPRA123 has three treatment stages:

1. Identifying the “sick” muscle

2. Therapeutic manipulation

3. Extension of the treatment effect with the help of a Kinesio tape.

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How Does It Work?

The IPRA123 technique triggers the hypodermis layer between the skin and the muscle.

In contrast to dry needling, in which the needle is inserted to the muscle’s depth and triggers the nerve, the acupuncture in IPRA123 does not reach to the muscle level, but to the hypodermis layer.

The therapeutic manipulation is done by the horizontal insertion of designed acupuncture needles to the hypodermis layer and the movement of the “sick” joints and muscles within the patient’s capacity limit.  

The very stimulation of the area significantly reduces the muscle’s tension, and with that takes off pressure from muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints that relate to the “sick” muscle directly/indirectly.

The result is a reduction of the level of pain up to a complete recovery. In the long term the treatment will even lead to curing of pain factors such as inflammation and nerves pressure.

The needle that is being used during the IPRA123 treatment is a disposable acupuncture needle made of stainless steel that is covered by a very thin silicone layer. After inserting the needle similarly to a regular Chinese acupuncture procedure, the therapist performs the stimulating action.

After a few minutes of manipulation, while combining relevant joint movements from the patient, the muscle’s tension significantly decreases, and great pain relief is felt.

This great relief occurs in most cases almost immediately.

After removing the needles 20 minutes later, the Kinesio tape is glued in the area where the needles were for continuing the separation between the skin and the muscle.

What are the most common problems that require this treatment?

Mostly orthopedic problems, such as:

• Lower back pain

• Sciatica

• Neck pain

• Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis)

• Shoulder pain

• Headaches

• Tendonitis

• Correction of the difference in the legs’ length

• Etc…


*In 70 - 80% of cases

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