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Acupuncture for Stress and Depression? Yes, please.

Depression is a severe psychological condition that has a significant socio-economic impact and is frequently co-occurring with inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, persistent tiredness, or pain. Acupuncture is a powerful therapeutic technique for easing depression symptoms, according to recent studies.

Depression may be caused due to many underlying factors and also cause many physiological factors. It has been observed that stress or depressive symptoms result in physical pain in areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, head, etc. Persistent pains may aggravate one’s deteriorating mental health. Acupuncture is a traditional technique that categorically targets and eradicates constant pain. Through a number of studies, it has been proved that acupuncture is effective in reducing stress-causing or stress-induced pain as well.

Why does this concern people in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam in recent years has shown a growing number of mental health patients. This is linked with people’s lives becoming chaotic and hectic. Hence, people living in Amsterdam should look for Acupuncture therapists in Amsterdam to relieve their stress of depression.

Is Acupuncture a cure for depression?

The answer is a solid yes. In recent studies also bagged by international organization like the World Health organization, acupuncture has been identified as an effective treatment for Depression, stress, and other related mental health issues.

How can De-zijderoute help you?

De-zijderoute is the leading acupuncture clinic in Amsterdam which comprises a team of trained experts. We believe in providing world-class acupuncture services to act on the root cause of every ailment. We conduct a holistic diagnosis of all our clients to identify reasons for a certain ailment. It is only after conducting thorough tests and diagnostics that we proceed with providing a customised line of treatment.

If you are suffering from depression, when should you consider acupuncture?

Depression is treatable but it is a time-consuming process. Also, one’s depression graph keeps on going up and down depending on external factors. In such scenarios, physical pain is inevitable. If you are experiencing any such pains in your body due to your depression or believe that persistent pain is the reason for your poor mental health, consulting an acupuncture therapist is advised. In addition to this, acupuncture can also help cure depression through various specialized techniques. You can try acupuncture in addition to your regular therapy sessions.

Can you stop taking therapy after undergoing an acupuncture treatment?

Though acupuncture is a recognised medical science for an effective treatment for depression, you should still continue with seeking a counselor. Once you start seeing the effects of acupuncture, it is advised to continue to visit a mental health counselor to ensure a holistic treatment. Mental health issues are caused by many internet insecurities which need to be addressed to ensure that these disorders do not reoccur. Where acupuncture can give you relief from the feeling of depression, counseling is equally important as it helps in dealing with internal baggage.

How is acupuncture for depression practiced?

The acupuncturist places needles in your body at areas that correspond to your unfavourable feelings. It is believed that the needles will correct any imbalances or obstructed energy in your body, which will then affect your thoughts. You lay still on a table in a serene environment, such as one with background music, aromatherapy, and mood lighting, after the acupuncturist has implanted needles. Depending on your circumstance, you could have this therapy just once a week or multiple times. Regardless of whether acupuncture truly heals depression, it's not difficult to think that this may make you feel better. In fact, the feeling you experience the following acupuncture is known as "acubliss."

What separates De-zijderoute from other related therapists in Amsterdam?

De-zijderoute despite being a new entrant to the acupuncture market in Amsterdam has created a well-reputed name for itself. Rather than following the pathway of cultural misappropriation,De-zijderoute has invested its time and money in training its staff in the traditional art of acupuncture. Our staff has undergone rigorous training and are upskilled every now and then. We also constantly invest in Research & Development to find new ways of accelerating the traditional technique with advanced and newer technologies. De-zijderoute has another branch in Nijmegen and is all set for further expansion of its business.

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