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You are closer than ever to find a cure for your pain and achieve the peacefulness you have been striving for, for so long.


Set up your first treatment right now through this link!


This is your code: "Thank you ipra123"

Amsterdam Clinic 

Nijmegen Clinic

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How to book an appointment 

1. Click on the “ BOOK NOW button of the desired link (Amsterdam or Nijmegen)

2. Select the desired treatment (acupuncture - first treatment with a valid voucher, or First combination treatment with a valid voucher)

If you can’t find the right treatment, click first on a white spot on the screen, and then scroll down to find it.

3. Here is the place to mention the extra 10€  for the combination treatment.


4. Click the "Choose time" button.

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5. Choose the date that suits you the best.


6. Select your preferred time


7. Click on the checkout button.


8. Fill in your details.

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9. Fill in the following code in "Appointment notes (optional)" "Thank you ipra123"

post 3.png

10. Click on the "Book now" button.

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you have scheduled your first treatment!


All that is left, is to come at the time that you chose and to start the long-awaited pain relief process.


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Have a lovely week 

Best Regards,


For any questions or hesitations, feel free to contact my personal WhatsApp or email.

Mobile: 0636303955


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